A Walk In The Woods

A Walk In The Woods


A collection of found organic objects from various walks. A Walk in The Woods Mixed Media Chelsea Brock-Hoberer 11.25" x 16" This was a pre textured and painted surface I pulled from my husbands and fellow artists discard pile. I then used copper nails and wire to hold the arrangement in place. 2 passes of of clear gloss resin have been poured over this piece to protect it and preserve it for many years to come. This whole thing was rather time consuming considering the hours put into dipping the flowers in linseed oil and building the overall arrangement and finalizing the whole thing in resin. It was rather fun to work on and I love being able to use the wonderful things I unearth while hiking around in nature. This piece will have a small hand crafted wooden crate made and package properly for shipping. The shipping cost reflects the crate.

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