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 Chelsea's Collection.

Chelsea Brock


Chelsea enjoys working with mixed media and arranging various organic elements to photograph in her studio. Arrangements that were shoot typically get broken down and rearranged in the 2D mixed media work.

Chelsea has admired the arts as long as she can remember and decided when she was very young that she would be an artist. A goal she never strayed from and one that she works towards as a forever life. She is a Dallas based creative mind co-owning and operating a scenic company that specializes in film, stage and television. Working on nearly everything art related. From graphic illustrations, backdrops and murals to sculptures and mold making. She has her BFA in graphic design. When Chelsea isn’t painting or playing in her studio she is tending her garden, which leads to finding all kinds of interesting elements to incorporate into her art work, working on graphics or just having fun with her camera.



I truly enjoy the art world. Creating is my meditation; the creative process clear my mind, and keeps my body moving. I have the luxury of being married to artist in which I am able to share ideas and concepts with without any fear of judgment.  
My work as an artist doesn’t always begin in the the studio. Sometime it begins on walks I have. I find flowers to pick and bring in the studio. With these I may let them die completely before revisiting them as part of my media or I might dive right in and start coating them in linseed oil or various resins. I’ll explore craft and art store for heavily texture hand made papers to use in my art; or I may make my own. I make most of my own surfaces for painting on. I work in mixed media mostly because I enjoy the thrill and mystery of using different materials in my work. This can offer so many extra textures. I enjoy using organic elements in my work, such as feathers and flowers most of which are found on walks or in my garden. Our cats typically hunt a bird or two a week and we seem to always have feathers around. I also tend to keep a camera with me at all times so that I can gather my own reference images.
I will continue to live my life as an artist and look forward to offering the world new and interesting works in various medias but mostly mixed media. 

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