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Track One

Track One


"Track One"

by Chelsea Brock
Cool blues with hints of coppery pinks.
30" x 18"
Mixed Media on canvas

Materials used are homemade papers, pastels and acrylic paints. Fire was also used to build textures.
Colors are blues with hints of pinks.

Track One come from the album this painting was inspired by.. the actual album is Feelings by David Byrne and the song is Fuzzy Freaky.

Anyways, it was a fun painting to work on overall... There are many layers of paint in various blues because I repainting the the subject about 4 times before I was happy with the foreshortening and colors. Because of this, it offers wonderful added textures. The papers were also layered with each repaint which offers more complexity to the overall finish of this painting.

The painting has been sealed so the any pastel would be forever preserved.

Ask me more about this piece if you are interested.

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