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Chad's Collection

Chad Hoberer

Chad Hoberer is a Dallas based artist who has been painting for more than half of  his life. With a BFA. in animation he is no stranger to figure & form and is often drawn to the chaotic beauty of nature. When Chad isn't at home painting in his studio, he is busy creating for the clients of his scenic business; C. Scenic.

Chad has over twenty years of professional experience as an arist, painter and designer. He began his career as an animator, but soon moved on to follow his love of painting. Beginning his career in the Peter Wolf Shop in his late teens, Chad received the "old world" scenic training from some of Dallas's most talented artists and painters from all over the world. Chad has since worked as a Production Designer, Art Director, as well as a Scenic Painter and is recognized as one of the most well respected names in the industry.

"I’m not trying to make a statement; I like the idea of spending my days painting." -Chad Hoberer



I paint first and foremost for me, I feel like when an artist strays  from painting for themselves, then they are loosing touch with what it is to be an artist.
Mostly, my landscapes come from childhood memories, mostly; places I’ve been, grown up around, or places from my dreams. It’s important to me to paint from memories, regardless if they are dreams. Figures and creatures are simply created for my own silliness and personal delight.
The first part of my process is to “approach with a cavalier attitude”, or so I've been told, followed by painting or prepping a surface with a loose charcoal sketch to lay out the ground work. Overall my approach is very personal, the thought of sharing it with the world doesn’t interest me. “I start, and most of the time I finish.” If I loose interest in a painting, it will be reworked. Typically the surface will be completely reworked but there are some gems that are revisited with little changes. My recent works have become a great deal more elaborate with texture. It’s an initial part of my process that was first brought on by an accident, but opened a new way of seeing things for me.
I am most happy when I am busy in my studio. So the idea of spending the rest of my days painting is the ultimate goal. I am fortunate to share space with other creative minds. One, a dear friend and potter whom shares my studio. Another, is my wife whose studio is just a few steps away. I’ve also kept close ties to many of the talented artists that I’ve had the pleasure of working with over years, who I am grateful to know.    

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